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Pocho Adventures: Our Next Stop


Friends, this post has been a few months in the making and it has been so hard for me to find the words to write it. Excitement, nervous butterflies, sadness and many other emotions spanning the spectrum are all part of this next adventure for our little family.

In the past year and a half of HHE’s existence, so many of you have welcomed me, encouraged me, supported me and pushed me to be a better person in SO many ways. I will never be able to repay you for that and I am forever grateful. This is where my little dream grew wings and the journey began. This is where our first couples invited AJP and I into their worlds, homes and sweet new beginnings with their loved ones.


At the end of this month, we will be taking a leap of faith and embarking on the next leg of our journey in Dallas!! Yep, we are moving to Dallas, Texas. This decision was based on a lot of things, but it boiled down to opportunity and family. We have a fantastic support system here, including Adam’s family. We have enjoyed the many years here in Iowa, but as we started discussing and dreaming up our future and where we’d like to raise our family, we realized it might not be here. So, we are stepping out in faith and are so excited for everything this next season has to offer!

To answer a few FAQs:

Will you be moving HHE with you? Yes!! This dream of mine is not going anywhere (except South) and I have been dreaming up BIG things for this small, but mighty business. Once we get moved and settled, I cannot wait to fill you in. In the meantime, I am prescheduling a few blog posts so that I can focus on the move.

Will you still be working weddings in Iowa? If you, sweet brides, will have me- yes! In 2016, we do have a July wedding in Iowa, so we will be back for that! We still have family here and so many friends that are dear to us. We will be back a minimum of once a year, but if the opportunity presents itself, we will make that more frequent. The Midwest has been my home for the past 13 years (that is a lifetime in Army kid speak), so this is not an easy ‘see ya later’ for me. Bring me back, loves!!

Adam and I are so excited to see where our next chapter takes us and what is to come. I am already collaborating with some amazing vendors and industry friends to keep building Harper Hadley Events and bring some wonderful projects to life over the next year. If any of you are in the Dallas area, please let me know. I’d LOVE to meet you when we get there!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me or post below.

xoxo, Jenn


  1. Brooke Driver says:

    Yaaaaaay!!!! How exciting, firend!!!!!! Can’t wait to see all the new things! You will be the perfect southern lady!!! ❤️

  2. Betsy says:

    Congratulations to you two! Exciting things are ahead. 🙂

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