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All because…


…two people fell in love.

My sweet parents are celebrating 32 years of marriage today. They have officially spent more of their lives together, than apart. What a life it has been! Moving across oceans, deployments, raising my sister and I, teaching us to explore, showing us grace and guiding us to find our deep faith, always having fun together and so much in between. There is so much that I have learned from them over the years in life, love and faith.


Marriage is such a precious gift and lately, I have put a lot of thought into what it means. It is choosing to love each other and build a life together. It is creating intentional memories for your family and instilling values that your children will carry on for generations. It is making time for each other, respecting each other’s differences, and finding the fun and joy in all of it. It is waking up each day and being grateful that this one person was created just for you. To fill a role that only they can fill. It is knowing that no matter where your journey takes you, love never fails and your best friend will be beside you through it all. My parents so embody that and I am forever grateful for their loving example.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Daddy. We love you!

xoxo, Jenn (Tori, Adam, Toby & Maggie)

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