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Inspired Tuesday: Engagement Stories

Sweet Beginnings

They are likely your first professional photos of the two of you. The ones that you will cherish just as much as your wedding photos, because of that simple fact. They are the sweet images that represent the beginning of your forever as a future Mr. & Mrs. — Your engagement pictures!!

I know I’m not a photographer and they undoubtedly will offer more professional advice from behind the lens, but since it’s engagement season,  it seems fitting to share what we learned from our engagement session 4 (?!) years ago. Our images are some of the sweetest and wonderful images because we were simply beaming with excitement for this new chapter in our life together. However, my only regret is that we did not take the opportunity to make them about our relationship; we didn’t tell our story. So, I urge you, sweet brides, to bring in little details that tell the story of your relationship. Those are also aspects that you can carry into your wedding day.


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Instead of listing things off or bringing you a color palette like normal, today, I am simply sharing with you some of my favorite engagement photos from photographers I admire. The imagery that was captured in each of these tells such a beautiful story, even if we don’t know all of the details. Whether it’s a place, piece of jewelry, a book or activity, I encourage you to infuse your unique perspectives into your session. These intentionally curated images are some I know these couples will hold dear for generations to come. Hopefully you will be inspired to reach into your memory banks to infuse your personality and relationship into your sessions this coming year.

xoxo, Jenn

  1. Erica Brooks says:

    You’ve chosen some sweet moments to spotlight. I agree engagement photos should tell a story. They serve as a good reminder of the beginning of a couples romance.

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