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As we find ourselves surrounded by love and awareness for the pure and abundant grace we’ve been gifted this season, it has been more apparent than ever that my heart and mission for this little business have been refined this year. I shared our mission statement recently and today I am feeling a tug at my heartstrings share more of the why and heart behind it.

While working hard to refine this small and mighty business over the last quarter, it all came down to four pillars that truly support every single thing that I do as part of HHE. Without them, there is no foundation or intention. All four are integral in how I approach everything and with even one missing, our core feels incomplete. First and foremost, my heart for this business is to give you the time back in your life to focus on the strong foundation and meaningful relationships that you need in marriage and life, beyond your wedding day. Why? Because I truly and deeply believe that love can change the world and your marriage is a big part of that. In order to allow you that luxury, I delight in serving you to the best of my ability and helping you to focus on what really matters in life.


Selfless service to others is something that lights my heart on fire almost as much as your marriage itself. In my helping you to let go of the hectic pieces of planning and seek the joy out in your daily life, you are able to focus on deepening your love for each other. That love is something to be nurtured and will blossom over time. You will face enough challenges throughout your relationship and wedding planning should not be one of them. It should be an exciting and joyous time for you. While I do believe in celebrating your new life together with a wedding (big or small), above all else, you deserve to have your needs met in every avenue of life and I am honored to help you do that!

Personal relationships built with my brides, grooms and their families are so near and dear to me. At HHE, I do not just want to book clients, I strive to welcome friends. Every interaction is met with intentional thought and going above and beyond to show my sweet clients how loved they are. One of the things I have let sink in over this past year is that no matter what things we have in life, we cannot take them with us. However, the memories and sweet people we surround ourselves with will leave a mark far greater than anything material. Those friendships are something to be treasured. I adore cultivating and fostering them with everyone I meet and especially those who are part of the HHE family.

Depth of stories, your stories, fuel my creativity and drive my design process. A wedding is just a pretty party without meaningful and intentional details that share your remarkable and unique love. I do my best design work when I am afforded the joy of knowing my couples’ love stories well. To do that, coffee dates and time spent getting to know each other is paramount. Every detail should tell your guests about the two of you. They should point back to a specific memory you have and dreams you share for your future.

Family roots are the true heart of it all. Your wedding day is where you start to build a legacy with your spouse, children, and everyone you invite into your life. Growing up, my parents instilled in us the desire to do the hard work that community takes, and realizing the precious memories you can make even through the simple things. An hour coffee date or an elaborate dinner party are both so important to thrive in a community. My dream is to create an experience where our couples can focus entirely on the people who attend their wedding instead of on the logistics. Marriage and family can truly change anything, and love is the strongest bond!

I cannot wait to meet the remaining 2016 couples that we will have the privilege to work with and to continue building this dream of mine upon such solid and heartfelt values. Sending all of you big hugs and lots of love as we wrap up 2015 this week!

xoxo, Jenn

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