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Inspired Tuesdays: Just Us Two


A beautiful fresh snowfall, warm fire, breakfast in bed and a day full of nothing except whatever you two decide. A snow walk, crosswords, tea, cozy blankets and reveling in each other’s company. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

Though we are experiencing weather more akin to Autumn here in Texas, that is our favorite kind of day. In the spirit of this most joyous season, that also includes a lot of hustle and bustle, AJP and I have been dreaming about cozy nights in. The kind filled with couch snuggles, good music and movies, laughs and some delicious takeout or pizza! My hope is that today’s inspiration fires you up to take a step back and soak in relaxed and intentional time with your significant other.


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What are some of your favorite date nights in or snow day activities? Board games, cards, movies, something else altogether? Maybe it’s having friends over, too. Whatever that relaxed time is for you, take a day to make it happen, will you? I know you deserve it and will not regret it. We all deserve a little indulgence!

xoxo, Jenn

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