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Design School | A New Inspiration Series

For Brides

I have a passion for getting to know all of our couples’ stories. What makes you tick, what you both love and what you envision for your life (not just your day). How do you want to make your guests feel? How do you want to feel? What parts of your story do you really want to showcase and what is important to the two of you?


Tuesdays are going to start looking a bit different around here. For years, I have coined them “Inspired Tuesdays”, but there are plenty of wonderful resources to show you how to pull a color palette together. I want to start showing you how to find inspiration from your story. Not simply putting something cohesive and pretty together. You will see inspiration boards, but not as the basis for our conversation. They will be the result of beautiful, unique and meaningful stories.

Over the past few years, as the heart of HHE has become clearer, I began tagging #lovestoriesbuildlegacies. I believe this with all of my heart. Your story, your love, your family. They are all the foundation that you will build your legacy upon. Many people talk about legacy these days and it wasn’t until I started hearing it myself, that I put verbiage to the core of my life and this business. What we do, how we love, what we say and everything in between has a beautiful ripple effect. Sharing your love story inspires those who witness it to either foster or find it themselves. It demonstrates the vast amount of love, respect and compassion we should all be imparting to the world around us. I so firmly believe that your love story has the power to change the world and leave a legacy behind that will long outlive you, that I want us to take a new approach to wedding design and planning.

That is what I am hoping to share and teach you about in this new Design School series. It is all about starting with the story. Your story. The everyday, simple moments. The way he raises his eyebrow when he is trying to keep a straight face. The way she sings in the quiet of the morning or while doing her hair. Your favorite movies, walks on Sunday afternoons and all of the other things that make you fall for each other and choose the other every morning. Those are the stories that the world needs to hear and those are the ones I desire to help you share.

xoxo, Jenn

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