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June Goals | Life in Bloom


Oh June, sweet June. This month marks the halfway point in the year. A time to stop and take stock of what has transpired, while looking ahead to the wonderful seasons in front of us. I will be the first to tell you that I am not a huge fan of summer heat, but who is? I do love summer, though. The foods, long daylight hours, Independence Day, air shows, farmer’s markets, pool days, porch time and everything comes to life in full bloom! Oh yeah, this month also holds both mine and my twinnie’s birthdays!


Before I break into further song about the joys of summer, let’s get down to business, shall we? Last month was so refreshing! My goals were simple, to slow down, listen and invest in relationships. That took hold of my heart and what resulted was so wonderful. A few highlights from May include:

  • Finalizing my new welcome packets and client gifts (they are ready to go as soon as the packaging arrives this week!)
  • Meeting new friends! This is a big one. Not only did I finally attend a Tuesdays Together and meet so many wonderful creatives, but I also connected with some new friends one on one. AJP and I also had the pleasure of a double coffee date with some new friends. Our small community is growing and it is making me so excited!
  • I read a book, a whole book, cover to cover! This might seem small, but that means that I intentionally took time for myself, which is HUGE. I read “Simply Tuesday” by Emily P Freeman. Let me tell you, there is another post coming about smallness and Tuesdays, soon.
  • Pre-blogging. Praise the Lord! I was so much less stressed having pre-blogged for you, lovelies. I was proud of the content I published and had it all done the week ahead of time. No more midnight post writing and procrastinating for this girl. I hope y’all enjoyed it. I have to say, it felt good to be back at it.
  • I finished reading Psalms and was successful in completing my Volume 1 Write the Word journal. This was not about a finish line, but about daily commitment to prayer and studying the Word. I have to say, this might have been my favorite thing and I am so excited to continue on to Volume 2!

Phew, those were just the highlights… I cannot wait to see what the summer has in store, can you? This summer is going to be busy, busy here at the Pocho house and for HHE. We have a new editorial to shoot in a few weeks, we are kicking off wedding season and getting things ready to start hosting an enjoying company in our little home. This month, I’m focusing on tending and bearing fruit after months of small steps and progress. Here are a few of my goals for June.

  • Read another book. I started “If You Find this Letter” by Hannah Brencher last night. I can tell it’s a good one and will be hard to put down. Taking the time to unwind and get lost in a book is one of my favorite things.
  • Plan for a healthy lifestyle. This is multifaceted and includes things like meal prep (not just planning), getting up early (I have NOT been good about this), and writing out a work out plan, then sticking to it! I’ve found a few workouts ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. If I can’t fit 30 minutes into my day, then I need a new why, am I right!? What are some good and exciting work outs you have been doing?
  • Get the backend of HHE systemized and documented by end of summer. This one is a bit daunting, but I know that little by little progress will help immensely with this one! I’ll also be getting back to block scheduling to make these things happen (also part of the morning routine).

I can use all of the suggestions and accountability on the getting up early thing, lovelies! If you are interested in doing something similar and being accountability partners, please get in touch! What are some of your goals for a fruitful summer this month?

xoxo, Jenn


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