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July Goals | Creating Margin


Amidst all of the wonderful hustle in this busy season of life, there has been a calling in my heart to do something drastic. Something so unnatural for me in this business and as a creative. So, this month, I am leaning into that whisper and going near radio silent. You read that right, near radio silent. I will still be posting nuggets of planning wisdom and inspirations, but outside of that, I am unplugging and filling my summer with other sweet things.


Last month was one of photo shoots, birthdays and a lot of hustle. Many things were accomplished, many conversations had, to the outside observer my month and days looked full of fruitful things. I’ll let you in on a secret, though — I feel like my well is near empty and my creativity is waning. I’m less inspired than in months past and I feel like I am nowhere near my best self for myself or anyone else. So, this month is seriously going to be one of intentional busy and deep breaths.

I have done something I never thought I would do, let alone tell you I did. The only apps left on my phone are Later and Instagram, so that I can push my intentionally scheduled posts to you sweet darlings. Aside from that, I have DELETED ALL SOCIAL MEDIA from my phone. I rarely use them on my computer and I need a full break from the screen and visual bombardment. I always have ideas swirling in my head and I am definitely a daydreamer, but these past few weeks I have felt stifled and really uninspired. That is NOT to say that I don’t adore the work I am doing or that I’m doing any less. I am not. Just that I do not feel as authentic, original and feverishly passionate about said ideas as I would like.

So, among my Bible study (Write the Word and finishing Proverbs), cooking more at home, and executing an absolutely amazing wedding this month- we are going bare bones around here. I’m attending The Simple Plan next week and am severely cutting my social media time in order to get to the bedrock of my why, dream big and map out some amazing things. I also have a few wonderful surprises already in the works to launch (!!) in the next 2 weeks. July is going to be full of margin and meaningful snippets all rolled up in one.

What do you do to get inspired? How will you be making the most of your July?

xoxo, J

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