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Daily Gratitude & Intention in Busy Seasons


As we enter into the holiday season, not only are we wrapping up weddings, getting ready for hosting family, buying Christmas gifts and preparing for the new year, but we are also trying to be present and not get swept away. Am I right? Oh, that’s just me? Cool.

I honestly think this is an epidemic. We want to love others well, celebrate these wonderful seasons, live out our art and gifts, as well as take care of our hearts. This year has seemingly flown by and as I am beginning to look back on what has transpired, I find myself with much more left on my list of aspirations that I prefer. However, looking over that list, I am feeling a pull to just let it go in lieu of precious time and experiences with my family and loved ones.


Friends, this year has been tough and our family has walked through things that we never, in our wildest dreams, imagined that we would. We have come out on the other side stronger and trusting God more than ever. That said, it has been challenging my heart in ways I never anticipated. I have to say, it is so refreshing and those changes are going to make their way into our 2017 offerings and experiences, as well as onto the blog.

Instead of listing a few items this month will hopefully see happen, let’s talk about the vision. In all of our plans and details to get from A to B, it is so easy to miss what is right in front of us. In that spirit, November is my month of INTENTIONAL GRATITUDE. Not in a cliche way because of Thanksgiving, rather conscious appreciation and sincere love for the Father. With a focus on turning any negative thought into an opportunity. An opportunity to encourage, to recognize why it is trivial compared to all of the wonderful things in my life, to make someone else smile.

Yes, there are specific action items on my Powersheets this month and I will work toward them. However, focusing on gratitude always, not just this season, and channeling my energy into loving others as best I can will always be so much more rewarding than checkmarks on a page. How will you focus on your relationships, give thanks for everything in your world and share your gifts with others this month?

xoxo, Jenn

P.S.  Preorders of the 2017 Powersheets start TODAY at 10:00 am EST. You bet I’ll be hopping over! Will you?

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