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Finding Everyday Joy, regardless of the Season


Last week we talked about holiday traditions. This week, I wanted to share a new one we are starting this year. Well, we started it this Fall in an attempt to enjoy the little things, live in the present and get off the couch.

We have started creating seasonal bucket lists of ten things to do over the course of three months. These can be simple things, recipes or activities. The point, for us, is to step outside of our ordinary, everyday routines. It is far too easy to get into ruts. Despite committing to weekly date nights, we seem to be homebodies more often than not. There is nothing wrong with that. Believe me, we LOVE it! However, we noticed after being in Dallas almost a year that there is so much to enjoy in this big city that we do not take advantage of. Enter, our bucket lists!

We checked off eight of the ten items on our Fall list and I am so excited to be making a dent in our winter list already! While I am hoping to create a fun print for us to rotate through in our kitchen, the list below will have to do for now (you know, holiday hustle and all). The things on this year’s list are some we hope to carry over and make annual traditions. Others are items we really want to do this winter.

  1. Decorate for Christmas & hang a winter wreath
  2. Take a snow walk (this one might be hard in Texas…)
  3. Go ice skating
  4. Watch holiday movies
  5. Cocoa and lights
  6. Go bowling
  7. Make homemade mac-n-cheese for NYE
  8. Host game night
  9. Attend a holiday concert or arts performance
  10. Burn our favorite winter candles

We are well on our way on this list, having completed four already! As the years go by, I am sure the traditions we add will change with our family. 2016 has been a rough one for us in the Pocho household and we are so excited to move into 2017 with this fun list of items to help us focus on hope and the present joys we have. What are some things you love to do in the winter months? Skiing, baking, or something else?

xoxo, Jenn

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