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To Love Others Well!


I can hardly believe that this is my last goals post of 2016… where on earth did this year go? I’ll reflect and reminisce in a post later this month, as always, so back to the days at hand. December. You are such a fun month, though busy, every sweet year. Like many, Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday with it’s traditions, truth, beautiful festivities and the joy it brings so many. This month, my main goal is to work smarter and be able to fully be present and enjoy it. To savor it.

I made progress on goals this year, but did not complete near what I had hoped. In years past, I would have considered that a failure on my part. However, this year, I am looking at the things I did and experienced instead.  I travelled more, grew in my faith, honed my dreams and spent time with family. Our marriage saw joy, sorrow and everything in between, but we are stronger and more in love than ever. Relationships, new and old, grew and deepened. I learned a lot about myself and had a lot of laughs along the way. 2016 has been pretty darn good to me. So, as we enter the last four weeks of this year, I am focusing on two things — GRATITUDE & PREPARATION.


Gratitude. This one has been a theme the past few months, huh? I have needed a daily reminder for myself to name what I am grateful for. To find the joy in every, single day. It is a game changer. It goes hand in hand with grace. To be truly content and fulfilled, I have found that I must claim & name gratitude. The perspective I approach life with through that lens is everything these days. No matter how busy things get or how stressed I might feel, this  month must be centered upon gratitude. It is, after all, the season of hope and our Savior’s birth. How much more grateful can we get?!

Preparation. OH my goodness. I may not have ticked the boxes on as much as I hoped this year, but I will set myself up to do more meaningful and intentional things in 2017. December will see a lot of planning, brainstorming, progress and readiness to hit the ground running in a few weeks. Most of my tending list is full of pre-blogging, brainstorm days, drafting ideas, making messes, getting Christmas cards and gifts sent and planning ahead to free time to love others. Preparation to love others. Doesn’t that sounds amazing!? Yep – it is already in motion and is going to be so wonderful.

What are you excited for this month? Are you doing anything special to prepare for the holiday season and new year?

xoxo, Jenn

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