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Meet an HHE Couple | Lane & Mo

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This weekend, we will be celebrating our first wedding of 2017 with Lane and Mo at La Cima Club in Irving and I could not be more excited! These past four months planning the final details with Lane and her sweet mom, Becky, have been a joy. To see Lane talk about Mo, it like seeing a kid on Christmas morning. Every time she talks about him, her face lights up and she sits up a little bit straighter. The thoughtful details that we have incorporated to ensure their day is THEIRS and not hers are just perfection. Before I give away too much about their day, keep reading to get to know them better in Lane’s words. Saturday is going to be amazing and will end with a surprise that will transport them to another world!

How did you Meet?

We met on

What excites you about marriage? 

Getting to be under the same roof and doing day to day life together.

Describe your wedding in three words.

Simple, elegant, with a touch of modern

What is your favorite source of wedding inspiration?

Pinterest, definitely Pinterest

What is your favorite part about wedding planning? The least?

To be honest, I kind of struggled with the planning process. I initially had a completely different vision of my wedding, but the time of year changed to winter. So I had a hard time changing my vision from outside to inside. The theme went from a fall/twinkly/outdoor to an indoor very classic venue. So, picking the venue was the absolute hardest part, to pick a venue that everyone agreed on. Also, if I am honest, I am not a details person, AT ALL. So having Jenn really helped me stay on track.

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

Cake and dancing!

Are you taking a honeymoon? If so, where and what made you choose that destination?

Yes, however, Mo is keeping it as a surprise!

Do you have any advice for engaged couples?

Don’t drag out the engagement, and try not to stress out too much (something I am not good at!). Also, stay on top of your RSVP’s. Our venue is very limited with space and we wanted to be able to send out a second round of invitations, but because we had a hard time getting the RSVPs in, we were not able to send out a second round.

What’s next for the two of you after “I Do”?

Maurice and I will move in together and start our lives together! We are VERY excited! 🙂

Are they not the most beautiful and joyful couple?! This weekend is going to be so wonderful and full of love! Send them your love below and follow along on instagram for some behind the scenes this weekend!

Happy wedding week, Lane & Mo! Less than 100 hours until you are officially and blissfully Mr & Mrs. Wiggins!!

xoxo, Jenn


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