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The HHE Wedding Design Process & Design Book

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When it comes time to design a wedding, event, brand or any visual endeavor, our go-to resource most days is Pinterest, right? Imagine a different approach that strips away the comparison, should haves, and duplication. What if you had the tools to get creative, dig deep and dream up what your heart truly desires in your wedding design? Now pair that with expertise of a designer and a detailed visual road map to get you there. Sounds pretty amazing and painless, right? Maybe even FUN! That is what the HHE Design Book is all about, my lovelies!

While I absolutely love the challenge of event logistics and coordinating vendors to execute a flawless wedding day, my heart and passion lie in wedding design. I want to get to the heart of who YOU are as a couple. What fires you up, puts a smile on your faces, makes your love story so perfectly unique? HHE is built on a foundation of loving relationships and I love nothing more than getting to foster a relationship with our clients. Doing so through design is an opportunity to combine all of the above.

I’ll be sharing in a few upcoming post how this service and tool benefits you most as a bride and as a vendor. For now, I simply want to share with you my process¬†and the value it adds to any event.

When I begin a design service, the very first thing I do is send an extensive questionnaire to you. This way, I can get to know you without any visuals clouding my creativity and you can take the time to think through some non-decor related questions. This questionnaire includes questions about lifestyle, emotion, adventures, music, books, food, hobbies, and so much more. It isn’t until the very end of it that we even talk about your wedding. Why? Your marriage is built on so much more than your wedding. Every design I create is rooted in your daily life and the pieces of your hearts that bring your love to life. Those are the pieces we are going to build and design from, just as you will build your marriage and life on them.

Next, I pull together a very minimalistic Pinterest board for us to review together. Once that is done, we schedule an in person design meeting where we talk through everything and confirm that we are on the same aesthetic page. This is not only done through the visuals on a board, but sketching and verbalizing ideas. A key part of my process is to envision something in full (in my head), talk it through with our couples, and sketch and write out descriptions. The very last thing I do is pull visuals similar to my design vision. I am not interested in replicating something or filling space. Intentional, quality choices are paramount in all HHE designs.

How do I share this final vision with clients and vendors? I’m so glad you asked. My friend Megan, of Megan Martin Creative, created an AMAZING template just for this purpose. I spent years trying to fit in learning Adobe tools well enough to create my own. Y’all, there is no need! Megan’s design book template is all you need! Once we get to the visual compilation part of the process, I gather all of the images I want to share into folders appropriate to the design aspect and then fill in the template. It’s that simple!

These Design Books are not only a really fun way for my couples to commemorate their planning journey, but also serve a greater purpose for our vendor team. When you are working with so many artists and vendors to bring a vision to life, it can be challenging to make sure everyone is on the same page. With a Design Book, there is no guess work involved. We can all work from the same color palette, see the visual inspiration, textures, and details to ensure we all bring our most aligned work together for a stellar and cohesive wedding design. When it comes time to execute on the big day, I can tell you I have seen a huge difference when we use design tools versus when we do not.

I cannot wait to share more about the value and benefits of our wedding design process with you soon!

xoxo, Jenn


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