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The 2018 Harper Hadley Events Blog Reader Survey

For Brides

With our family settling in and work picking up, I am so excited to put out my first ever reader survey! If you’re reading this post, I hope you’ll take ten minutes (or less) of your time to provide insight into the content that will serve you best.

The survey is broken into three parts: Everyone, Brides and Creatives. If you apply to or relate to all of them, I’d really appreciate as much input as you are willing to give. I also recognize that some of you answering are not currently in a season of engagement or necessarily entrepreneurs. However, if you have any opinions on those questions, answer away!

To Take the Survey: All you need to do is click below and it will take you to the survey form.

As a way to say thank you for your precious time and valuable input, I’m so excited to offer a one hour coffee date to a randomly selected participant (a $150 value!!)! In that hour, you can pick my brain about anything you have questions about- wedding, business, life, anything!

To enter, I simply need you to comment that you completed the survey (leave some love!). Since the survey is anonymous, I won’t know who you are, otherwise. The winner will be announced on social media next Friday!

I can’t wait to see what you have to say and to read your thoughts! (a little nervous too, if I’m honest)

xoxo, Jenn


  1. Gillian Murray says:

    Just completed the survey, so glad to see you in Iowa again. Now I can refer my friends and co-workers again!

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