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How a Design Book benefits you as a Bride

Sweet Beginnings

You hire a wedding planner and designer for your big day. You trust them explicitly and love talking to them about the fun details of your day. They have fantastic ideas, but you have a hard time visualizing all of it. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they had some kind of tool or service that offered you a clear picture of what your day would look like? A guide, so to speak, that helps you keep all of your vendors on track and that you can share with your family? That is where a design book comes into play, lovely! I am so excited to share with you how your customized design book can benefit you and add value to your planning experience as a bride!

I have already shared about my design process and why I think design books are key for wedding designers, but what on earth is the big draw for you as a bride? I am so glad you asked. Even though I have always been a mental dreamer and visualizer, I know that not all people are that way. For example, AJP has to see it on paper or in person to fully understand the things I am describing to him. Over the years, I have found that many of my clients are the same way. When I started offering design services to our couples, I used to just describe everything verbally – very rarely did we compile anything other than a mood board for visuals. It wasn’t long before I picked up on the fact that this was frustrating for my couples and other vendors, alike. I started gathering mini boards of each area of the design and attempting to sketch what was in my head. It was then that I saw these lightbulbs go off for our couples when we met. They were getting so amped about what I was proposing – they could see it, so they were buying into it.

As a bride, I fully understand and appreciate that your wedding design is something you have likely dreamt about and saved for. That your family has saved for and is looking forward to. Everyone wants it to be as perfect as possible and you are putting your hard earned money and faith into your wedding designer and planner. That is not a trust and investment that I take lightly.

I have always been a believer in transparency in business. If I can be as honest and transparent with my couples as possible, we have deeper trust and we can have more open communication. A big part of that is this design book. How can one little file make such a difference, you ask? Well, love, because it takes the guess work out of things. We are not just making things up and adding as we go. We are laying a strong foundation and mapping out how we are going to achieve your wedding day vision.

Like I said, this is not just pretty pictures. It is a complete visual, descriptive and budget focused tool that allows us to see the full picture up front. You know exactly what you’ll be getting, can see the big picture and we can tweak from there. That gives you, as the bride, confidence in what we are doing. You are more free to enjoy your engagement because things are in order and mapped out from the beginning.

In addition, we are able to best communicate with your vendor team to ensure everything comes together in a cohesive fashion. No more trying to describe something or a color. You can share the design book (all or pieces) with your vendor team, taking all the guess work out of the equation. Trust me, they will love you for that!

While many of you might have a full service planner that helps to do all of the leg work for you, there are some brides that cannot afford or do not want that. Let me tell you, this design book is even more valuable for you! I offer design services as a stand alone collection for DIY or month of brides, too! You get all of the above, without the cost of a full service planner to do the vendor leg work for you. I will provide you the budget proposal and a list of suggested vendors in your area to source from. Again, taking the guess work and overall research out of the process for you. It comes to you packaged and ready to execute – easy as pie!

When I talk about design services with brides, many times they are afraid that they will not have input. Like any other area of wedding planning, I want you to be as involved as you want to be. If you want to talk through every detail together and then have me help you document it, awesome. If you want to have a more hands off approach or something in between, let’s do it. The ultimate goal of any of our services, design included, is to take the stress away from you so you can focus on your relationships during your engagement. Design is one of the most exciting and personal parts of wedding planning. If you are stressed about it, consider finding a designer that will help you through it, so you can fully enjoy the process.

Happy planning, lovelies!

xoxo, Jenn

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