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3 Tips For How to Design a Beautiful Celebration

For Brides

There are so many venue options for your celebration these days and many of them, understandably, are a ‘blank canvas’. When you book a neutral and empty space, it can feel overwhelming and seem expensive to get it to a point that it feels ready for YOU to celebrate your wedding. There are unlimited options when it comes to wedding design, but let’s start with my 3 tips for how to design a beautiful celebration by making intentional and impactful design choices.

When it comes to big impact design choices, that doesn’t have to mean expensive or over the top. Often times, the simplest and whispered choices do that just as well. Of course, you’ll want to take your cues from your venue space, but nine times out of ten, I find that holds true.

Tips for Beautiful Wedding Design

If you are hosting your wedding ceremony, reception or both in a sparsely decorated, ‘blank canvas’ type of space, it can quickly feel overwhelming to envision how to create a unique guest experience and design.

  1. Look for areas to add pops of color. Creating visual interest and focal points with contrasting colors is a great place to start. For example, if your venue is white, light and airy, choose a darker or more saturated color for your table linens.  Most venues offer a variety of color choices for you to select from. Many times, they are also included. If you want very specific linen, there might be an upcharge, but this is still an impactful decision from an aesthetic perspective.
  2. Introduce textures. This again, adds dimension and interesting details for your guests to experience. This can be anything from a seating area with a fun rug, pillows and various materials to a full wall installation and everything in between. Consider various centerpieces and heights for your tables, lighting that changes throughout the evening, and even something as simple as two different types of glasses at place settings.
  3. Incorporate 2-3 small details that tell your story well. These are those whispers that will set your wedding apart. Instead of, or in addition to, specialty cocktails, engagement and/or bridal photos on display and unique table names there are limitless options for areas to infuse your story and personalities. Think about activities you enjoy together and make that available to guests. If you have a lot of guests from out of town, a welcome gift of your local favorites is a nice touch. Or as a thank you gift as they leave for the evening. Adding your childhood favorites to your dessert table is always a simple and lovely option.


If you’re able to make intentional selections from these three areas, I promise you’ll have a celebration and wedding design that feels more intimate and unique to you. Those details are absolutely the cherry on top that takes your celebration to the next level.

What are some of the design choices you made for your event or are considering for your upcoming celebration?


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