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Extended Leave Prep: Batch Producing Content

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We hear about batch tasks a lot in the creative business space. I personally LOVE batching my work. It helps me be more productive and focus my attention on one area for a bit. In addition to time blocking, batching tasks is how I get things done efficiently! Today, I’m sharing the process I use to batch produce content – whether that’s video, social media posts, email or blog content.

How to batch produce content

I batch my content creation all the time, but usually on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. I’ve never endeavored to produce 5 months worth of content like this before. It’s been going so well that I’m seriously considering doing this quarterly going forward! 

This is the final step for me in my extended leave preparation (hence the 5 months worth of content). If you’d like to see how else I’m preparing to be out for 4 months on maternity leave, check out this post

Determine Frequency

Anytime I’m batching something I always start with how often I need to post or publish for whatever content I’m working on. For me, I currently create Instagram videos (IGTV and Reels), Instagram stories, Instagram feed posts, email newsletters and blog posts.

Make A Plan

Once you know what content you need to produce and your frequency, it’s time to get those ideas out of your head and PLAN! I start with the month and date I’ll post, then I work on my ideas. I do this in a Google Doc outline format. Instagram content is outlined with the topic, video title (if applicable) and main points. Then I also write the captions for the videos. That makes it super quick when I go to record, schedule my posts and create graphics. 

If I’m outlining blog or newsletter content, that is a separate planning Google Sheet, where I also note keywords and a general outline. 

Schedule It Out

Once I have things outlined, I go into my task manager (Asana) and map out what needs to be done. I have template tasks for each format so I can quickly get them scheduled. Once I know my publishing dates and schedule the work into my task list, I’m ready to rock and roll! At that point, you do the work, get it scheduled to publish and voila!

Pro tip: it’s ok to reuse content as much as possible across platforms and formats.

Don’t do it all the same week, but reusing in staggered time is a-ok! (99% of your audience won’t even notice because they all consume content differently and aren’t seeing everything you post)

As with anything in business and life, this is the process that works for me. If you have another, be sure to share! I love hearing how others work & getting ideas for how to improve my work. Happy batching, friends!


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