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3 simple steps to be ready for Workflow & Systems optimization

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Do you feel like you’re rarely able to look at your business and are constantly managing only client work? Ready to look at your workflows and systems, but feeling too overwhelmed to even try? Today, I’m excited to share 3 simple steps you can take during busy seasons to be ready for workflow & system optimization!

I know that we have umpteen things going on at a time as entrepreneurs. If you’re in the wedding industry, that’s even more the case this year as we come back to a more normal wedding season. So how do you even start to wrap your head around how to improve and optimize your business amidst proposals, designs, events, client meetings, etc?! Friend, I hear you loud and clear. 

Here’s the thing —

You don’t have to be ready and have it all together to start thinking and preparing little by little. 

That’s the key. Little by little.

You can think and document things in the tiny cracks amidst busier seasons by employing these 3 simple things: 

  1. Document FAQs and frequently sent communications: Doing this as you think of them in your task manager or even a specific Google Doc will make things so much easier when you go to make these updates in your templates and workflows. 
  2. Make a list of things you’d like to work on: Add these to your Google Doc or list as well. Keep it all in one place as you think of things. This will help reduce disco ball syndrome and distractions. 
  3. Schedule time to prioritize your optimizations: Simply block a couple days or week on the calendar to address your workflows and systems. Q4 is usually when most of us are in a slower season and able to work ON our business. However, whenever it is time to do your updates, you’ll have dedicated time carved out in your calendar!

If you are someone who prefers incremental and more regular audits and updates of things, I do recommend doing so quarterly or every 6 months. These blog posts will be super helpful for that!

If once a year is all you can allot, that is A-ok too! The important thing is that you are keeping that consolidated list and notes throughout the time between updates so you optimize to the best of your ability when you do commit to that time.


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