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Baby Pocho | Jack’s Newborn Session


On Friday, September 10th (one week early) we welcomed our precious Jack Tate to our family! 

His birth was a complete answered prayer in every way. With Ainsleigh, I was induced and in labor for 36 hours. Overall, it was not terrible (thanks epidural) but I knew I wanted to do everything I could to have an unmedicated birth with Jack (which I’d hoped for with Ainsleigh, too). 

This time around, like I said – all of our prayers were answered. To our surprise, it went really quickly, too! After only 5.5 hours of labor, 1 hour of which was at the hospital, we welcomed Jack into the world! I joked to Adam that if every labor was like this, I’d have 10 kids! It was redemptive and empowering – thank you Lord!

We were able to FaceTime Ainsleigh from the hospital and she was in love with Jack from the start. She’s been such a doting big sister, as we knew she’d be. She wants to see him first and last thing everyday, showers him in kisses and always has to make sure he’s happy and taken care of. Again, answered prayers as all of my reservations and concerns about how she’d adjust were in vain.

Jack means “God is gracious” and we’ve seen that unfold in every part of his story and our journey to meet him. Tate was my maiden name and one we’ve wanted to use for a son since we were married.

At 8 days old, we were able to welcome Jen to our home to capture our new family of 4! As with every image she captures, I am obsessed – especially since these are of our family!

I pinch myself every, single day that God has blessed us with this beautiful family! Seeing my kids together is one of my greatest joys. Jack is such a chill and sweet little guy. At 6 weeks, he’s already in 3 month clothes (much bigger than sis was at this age). We’re all doing well and figuring out what our new normal and rhythms will be (just in time for them to change, as life with kids goes). 

Here are a few of our favorites from our newborn/family session! This season is so fleeting, I’m insanely grateful to have these.

Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of this year snuggling my babies!

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All images by Jennifer Weinman Photography

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