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How to Use Systems to Elevate your Client Experience

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Imagine you check into the swankiest, most expensive hotel you can dream of. You’ve saved to make the investment in this trip, you are ready to have a Kevin McCallister experience with all the room service your heart desires. But when you arrive, they don’t have your room ready, there’s no room service available and you’re left asking questions and thinking about how to get your money back…

YIKES! No one ever wants an experience like that and your business is no exception. 

Elevating, making things better and up-leveling, your client experience by using systems is a no brainer. It helps you maintain consistency, saves you time, and so much more! This is the third pillar in my Supercharge Your Systems Blueprint and one of my favorites. This is where you get to add your personal touch and really delight your people!

Serving your people well doesn’t have to mean spending all day in your email or texting! In fact, you can deliver a stellar client experience while you’re working on other things!

For example…

Let’s say that someone contacts you in DMs, you start chatting and YAY – they’re interested in booking! Then you keep looking back through all your DMs and the experience for them is far less than ideal. Not to mention all the wasted time and frustration on your end. 

How can you take advantage of building those DM relationships and smoothly get them into your CRM – ultimately giving them the best experience you can? 

Why not have a template message ready that you can personalize, letting them know you’ll be in touch via email/CRM to keep things moving along & how excited you are to work together! Then, they’ll be in your AMAZING workflow and have all the touch points you’ve intentionally curated for them!

Having a process and system in place that either gets them into your workflows right away or smoothly as soon as they say they want to work together elevates their experience and frees up your time! It’s a win-win!

Another way to really simplify for everyone is setting your booking process up really well. Imagine having things automated to book a session from inquiry through paid session booking in 10 minutes or less without the back and forth in email! That is possible, friend! 

Maybe those examples aren’t where you need to take it up a notch. I’ve got you, friend!

Here are 3 key ways that systems elevate your client experience that can apply to any part of your business: 

Anticipate your clients’ needs. 

We all, as humans, like to feel cared for. If you can anticipate and be proactive in providing something they don’t know they need yet, that makes them feel seen. A common and simple way to do this is by using questionnaires. This also helps you serve them better, by getting information you need in a more timely manner. Better yet, it builds trust in you, which helps build a relationship and leads me to my next point…

Be the expert.

By having strong systems and intentional touch points in place, you are building trust with every part of your experience. This not only serves your clients incredibly well, but makes them eager to sing your praises as an expert. You’ve been doing this for a while and know your craft. They are looking to you to guide them and advise them. Infuse touch points that highlight your expertise and make recommendations with confidence.

Make it easy for them. 

This combines the first two. When you are being proactive and guiding them even when they don’t realize they need it, you naturally make the whole experience easier for them. No one wants a cumbersome, confusing and overwhelming experience. One of my favorite ways to do this is by using your appointment schedulers! They are then in the driver’s seat and it saves both of you so much time. Having a client portal with everything they need in one place is another great way to make things simple and easy for them. 

When you build your workflows and systems, the goal is always to make both your life and your clients’ lives easier. By intentionally setting up your business to care for them, you are elevating every touchpoint. Customer experience and service are so important for word of mouth and referral marketing, which is the biggest impact marketing you can get!

If you’re ready to be intentional and build or refine your client experience with a heart for making your clients’ lives better, then you need to make sure that your systems are supporting that goal. 


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