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How to use your systems to plan for your week efficiently!

How to use your systems to plan for your week efficiently!

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Do you find yourself making your task list from scratch every day? Are you reinventing the wheel every time you try to get organized? Are you feeling exhausted and like you’re wasting your time doing that? Here’s some tough love, friend — you are! BUT – You don’t have to! Keep reading for my top tips on how to use your systems to plan for your week efficiently!

How to use your systems to plan for your week efficiently!

When you start your task list repeatedly – whether it’s a daily task list or a workflow for how to execute your services – you are doing yourself a dis-service. You don’t start your grocery list from scratch each week – you know what staples you need every week. Sounds silly, right?! If you’re not using what you’ve already created, then you’re wasting time — use the work YOU’VE ALREADY DONE! 

Instead, imagine that you have defined workflows in place and automated for every project you’re working on. Even more – your regular business tasks are automated in your list, too. You know what that means? Your task list practically creates itself each week! Imagine the amount of time, energy and stress that will save you!!

How can you make that happen? Here are my top tips on how to use your systems to plan for your week efficiently:

Create task template for your offerings 

  • For each of your offerings, make sure you have your tasks from your workflows in your task manager as a template. That way you can use that project/offering specific template each time you start a new project. No more building from scratch and hoping you don’t miss something. 
  • I can hear you asking me – How is this different from your automated workflows in your CRM? Your CRM workflows should include the automated steps like sending questionnaires, schedulers, emails, etc. The tasks that you need to execute should be in your task manager so you can see everything in one place, as one big picture.

Create task templates for business 

  • These are your non-project tasks. You can break them up into various projects or have one master business project. The same principles apply as with your projects task templates & workflows. Have them ready so you don’t reinvent the wheel each time. 
  • Things you may include here may include: Blogging, Social Media scheduling, Duty Day, finances/taxes, team meetings, busy season prep, equipment maintenance, and more. 

Utilize recurring tasks 

  • When you set up your templates, be sure you’re setting up recurring deadlines when you schedule tasks that applies to. 
  • This is great for regular things like monthly QuickBooks updates, weekly or bi-weekly data review, etc. 

Once you have those templates, it’s simple to use the templates each month or project, schedule things in (or on some platforms you can auto-schedule adjust) and go! For your one-off tasks, you can add them as needed, but they are the smaller percentage of your typical tasks. 

Take it one step further to set yourself up for success. 

At the end of each work day and especially work week, review and prep for your next work day. Block out 15-30 minutes to review what tasks you still need to complete. If you have anything left at the end of your work time, make sure it’s rescheduled before you log out. At the end of each week, review the next week and make sure that things are realistic. 

By taking that time, you will sit down to work the next day with your to do list ready to go. It removes the morning fog paralysis, makes sure you’ve given yourself a plan for how you spend your work time and plans your week efficiently!


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