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How Val Saved Time, Brain Space & Stress with Done For You Systems

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Working with a workflow and systems strategist isn’t just for the newbie business owners. When you’ve been in business for a long time and/or decide it’s time to pivot, there will be growing pains. Your business, technology, client experience and life evolve. Each season will require something different (awesome, but different) and sometimes challenging. As those changes happen, it’s easy to overlook the efficiencies you can find in something like workflows and systems. 

It’s not the shiny, sexy thing we all dream about when starting a business. For most business owners, especially in the creative industry, they’re the furthest thing from your mind. BUT – they are one of the 4 pillars you need in your business foundation – strong offerings, finances, relationships and systems. As my client and friend, Val puts it – the “Who, What, How and Heart”. 

Today, I’m so excited to share an interview with Val (Val Marlene Creative) about how, even as a seasoned entrepreneur, she found less stress in her business and life after working together. Val came to me to help migrate from the CRM she used as a photographer to Dubsado for her coaching services. We did a Done For You migration and workflow updates that set her up for success and took it off her list! 

What was your life & business experience like when you decided to reach out to work together?

I knew I could be more efficient and I knew that the way I was doing things could be so much better, but I just didn’t have the time or mental capacity to do the work myself. 

What were you feeling when you reached out? What made you decide it was time to potentially work on your workflows & systems?

I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated by the inconsistencies and inconveniences of my systems, nervous to invest financially, but I knew it would help free up some brain space and reduce the amount of irritation I felt on a regular basis, lol.

What were the main gaps/pain points you were hoping to address? Did we succeed?

The first issue was time to transfer from one system to a new one. I didn’t want to spend the time doing it and I’m honestly not sure if I ever would have gotten it done. I also wanted to be able to set up a new client within a few minutes and have all the details and workflows ready to go so I could be consistent, timely and professional.

What was your favorite part of the process? Any a-ha moments?

I think my favorite part was not having to do the research and setup of the system – the fact that you did it for me and then walked me through how I needed to use it felt like such a relief! Even as a business coach who teaches on productivity and the importance of workflows and systems for every little thing we do, there were still some things I dragged my feet on, but the questions you asked pushed me to create workflows and templates for things that I now so highly value saving those few minutes it takes me to do every time. Templates are honestly addicting and it feels a little bit like a game finding every little area that I could expedite.

Do you have any advice for others considering working with a workflow/systems strategist?

I get it, I know it’s SO HARD to spend your very limited resources on something that doesn’t directly “seem” to make you more money, but that thinking couldn’t be more wrong. As entrepreneurs, often solopreneurs, we are honestly wearing too many hats

NOBODY is supposed to be good at everything and it’s entirely ridiculous that we have such outlandish expectations of ourselves to be able to do all the things ourselves. Working with Jenn, especially on a Done For You implementation, WILL result in time saved, brain space gained and the ability to think creatively again. Do not underestimate the way poor systems or no systems stunt your growth. It may not be sexy, but it’s what you need.

How do you feel & what does your life look like now, since we’ve worked together?

I experience so much less stress and irritation when setting up new clients, sending out contracts/invoices/questionnaires and I’m just grateful and relieved that I can take the systems/workflow strategist hat OFF and do more of the work that really truly only I can do.

Do you feel like it was worth your investment to partner with a workflow/systems strategist? Are your life and business better for it?

​​My life is definitely better for taking the plunge and having you set up my new system and workflows. I struggle to prioritize the backend projects that I don’t enjoy and I put them off month after month. You made it happen and made it possible for me to finally have my new system in place with workflows that work FOR me!


Friends, Val is the perfect example of a seasoned entrepreneur who understands the importance of workflows and systems, yet still needed support. She 100% could have done this herself, but that new perspective and having help was priceless. Just because you can, does not mean you must do something. 

If you’re ready to get your business organized and get back to doing what only you can do, all while having margin to live your life, or would like more information, get in touch today!


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