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Getting Started with Business Workflows

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Taking on a big project can get overwhelming and that’s exactly how many people feel about setting up the backend of their business. Getting started with business workflows doesn’t have to be scary. Here are my top tips to dive in and make progress!

Getting Started with Business Workflows

How to start: 

  • Do it imperfectly – Getting started is the hardest part, right? So start IMPERFECTLY. Get something on the screen or paper. 
  • Be patient – realize that refining and honing things will take time. I always recommend a phased approach so that you can build upon each layer. Start simple and then build things out to be as detailed as you need them.
  • Dare to dream – when you’re mapping this all out, make sure you’re including your ideal scenarios, too. You never know what you’ll be able to make happen once you start adding the tech into things!

What to focus on: 

Workflow Documentation: 

  •  I encourage you to brain dump as much as you can for all of your various workflows to have everything consolidated.
  • As you begin writing them, start with a high level brain dump and then go back to refine them by adding in more detail. (this is that phased approach I mentioned above)
  • Note relative timings so you can use that detail when setting up automated workflows and dates. (this may be a phase 2 thing)

Content & Templates: 

  • Just like you document your workflow steps, you’ll want to have a consolidated document with all of your content and templates, as well. This keeps things easy to update and to know where any gaps are. Here are common templates to have drafted: 
    • Inquiry/Lead form
    • Emails
    • Questionnaires
    • Offering/Package details & pricing
    • FAQs

Of course, I’ve shared many related topics in the past, so make sure you check out this section of the blog for more reference and resources!!

As big of a project as getting started with business workflows can be, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Take things one step at a time, work in phases and just get started! That small progress over time will add up and you’ll be so glad you invested that time and energy – promise!


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