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The Top 5 things to Consider in your Service Workflows

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Documenting and setting up workflows takes time, attention to detail and lots of revision to get them where you need them. Have you ever wondered if you’re missing something, though? Let’s talk about the top 5 things to consider in your service workflows. 

There are areas and elements of workflows that I see people overlook or not use efficiently so often. These top 5 things to consider in your service workflows can save so much time and make your business run so much more smoothly. Who doesn’t want that!?

1. Questionnaires: You likely send the same questionnaires to clients and potential clients all the time. While I’m sure you have some of them saved as templates and automated in your workflows, make sure you haven’t overlooked an opportunity. I often see people trying to gather various pieces of information across multiple emails. Save everyone time by putting those things into a questionnaire or two. It consolidates it for both your review and your client to send over.

Examples of commonly used questionnaires: 

  • Contact form/lead capture form
  • Get to know you questionnaire
  • Gather information for your services (wedding vendors, locations, brand/design ideas, etc.)
  • Feedback (midway and upon completion/delivery)

2. Welcome messages: These are usually within your CRM or client portal. These are often missed opportunities for customization and an elevated client touch point. Make sure these are written in your brand voice instead of the boilerplate text that comes standard. 

3. Thank you messages: These will show up when people complete questionnaires, submit a form (contact page, contract, etc) or pay an invoice. Make sure these are all written in your brand voice and include any special notes. Again, an experience elevator and touch point!

4. Intermittent reminders and resources: Throughout your process and client experience, there are likely to be points when you need to send reminders (payment, questionnaire completions, appointments etc) or touch base (ex. Long engagements for wedding pros). Include those touch points in your templates and workflows so it’s an elevated client experience. Speaking of client experience – don’t miss these tips

5. Using client portals: This one helps both you and your clients have access to everything in one place – contracts, invoices, forms they owe you, emails, etc. Set up your client portal in your CRM to work for THEM and make sure that your workflows include what is necessary on their portal. If you’re not using a CRM, create an easy to use folder structure on Dropbox or Google Drive that they can use as one.

Do you notice how so many of these elements help elevate your client experience AND make you more efficient? That can only be beneficial to you and your clients; saving time and so much more! 

What are your favorite things that help you be streamlined and efficient in your workflows?


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