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Documenting and setting up workflows takes time, attention to detail and lots of revision to get them where you need them. Have you ever wondered if you’re missing something, though? Let’s talk about the top 5 things to consider in your service workflows.  There are areas and elements of workflows that I see people overlook […]

The Top 5 things to Consider in your Service Workflows

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January First. The date that we put so much stock in to be our fresh start. As if that rolling over of the calendar year is infinitely more magical than the day before or after. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been caught up in it for years. But this year, something even more magical happened. […]

How “Failing” Actually Made Me More Successful

For Creatives

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Does your brain spin and balance 20+ plates at a time, like a Shanghai Acrobat? Are you always dreaming up the next amazing thing, thinking about details and making lists in your head (or on that pretty notepad)? Girl, I feel you – I’m right there with you. Let me share with you 7 practical […]

The Year of Simplicity: 7 Steps to be More Present


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As a business owner, how does one take a vacation, much less an extended leave of absence? I have been pondering that very question for years while we’ve waited for our turn at parenthood. Now, as we are on the doorstep of that becoming our reality, I thought I would share with you how I […]

Coffee Dates | 5 Tips to Plan for Maternity Leave

Business, Lifestyle

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There are umpteen tasks on your to do list, the days seem to be getting shorter, demands from others seem to be increasing and somewhere in the midst of it all, you are trying to remain a shell of your former self. To be everything to everyone, do your best in all facets of your […]

Rejuvenate your Passion!

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