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How many times have you had to manually send something to a bride, time after time, and wished there was as system that did that for you? Or an app that was always available to you, no matter where you are when you have that amazing idea or need to note a task before you […]

Tools of the Trade | HoneyBook & Trello

Business, For Brides

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As entrepreneurs and creatives, we wear so many hat in our businesses. We are creative directors, planners, principle photographers, artists, book keepers, marketing strategists, client relations, janitor, social media managers, content creators, contract executors and so much more! Over the past four years, I have tried to be all of these well and it just […]

Things I’ve learned the hard way, That you do not have to


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Do you ever get to the end of a quarter or month and wonder how you got there and how little things built up to a giant pile on your desk? How your to do list seems to have grown in the last week? We have all been there and it is no fun, I […]

Coffee Date: Duty Days & Why you need them!


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Here we are again. Another month down and a new one of amazing opportunities ahead! Lovelies, July was full of fun, sweet conversations and action. Oh, how I love action and seeing progress!¬†July’s goals were not all completed, but progress over perfection won and it still felt amazing! The big list full of tiny actionables […]

August Goals: Focus


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