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August Goals: Focus


Here we are again. Another month down and a new one of amazing opportunities ahead! Lovelies, July was full of fun, sweet conversations and action. Oh, how I love action and seeing progress! July’s goals were not all completed, but progress over perfection won and it still felt amazing!

The big list full of tiny actionables started materializing. It is, wait for it, twelve pages long! Phew!! My work is cut out for me, but when I finally can share it with you, it will have been SO worth it. Progress in the Word was made, but I admit, I did not spend as much time reading as I would like. However, my prayer game was on fire! Let me tell you, daily prayer is a game changer, friends. On my drive into work, I listen to one song to wake me up, then I pray out loud with everything turned off. I list what I am grateful for, what my hopes for the day are and set myself up for success mentally. If you need to reset and get in a positive mood any time of the day, I recommend trying that. Truly. As for me time and this month’s weddings, that was all on track. Exercise still happened, just not on a daily basis. However, it was more regular that it has been in two years, so I call that a win!

The month was full of family time between the Fourth and family weddings. I am so grateful to have had that time and it definitely refueled me to tackle this busy and amazing month ahead!!


This month will be our busiest yet, this year, with three weddings. Yay! I am overjoyed to be bringing three spectacular HHE couples’ visions to life and to celebrate their new beginning with them. So, you can imagine that the month will be full of sweet details for them. However, amidst all of that, here are a few other goals I will be focused on:

Write the Word- This sweet journal that Lara Casey just released has already changed my routine and I adore it. Taking the time to dig in and really think as I am repeating and writing scripture is something I have to be so intentional about. I want to do this at least twice a week, in addition to continuing to read through Psalms.

Weekly Duty Days– In order to stay focused and not lag behind in office work, I will be moving my duty days to a weekly occurrence, instead of bi-weekly. Ten to fifteen minutes once a week instead of a half hour plus when I get around to it will keep me less stressed and able to focus on the larger tasks at hand.

Guard my boundaries– This sounds so selfish, but friends, it is SO necessary! When things get crazy busy around here, I tend to go into full on zombie work-a-holic mode. That does not serve anyone. I am going to be working super hard and smart during the week so that I can treasure my time with AJP and Sundays off. That is so hard to say, because I promise that I work my tush off for you all and my sweet couples. However, if I am not my best, I cannot offer my best. So, I need your help. Make me accountable to date night and Sundays, please!

Dance parties on the daily! Yay!! This one is to keep myself from getting too serious and bogged down in things. I used to let it all out with dancing, but stopped for some reason. So, it will be coming back and I will be taking suggestions for my daily dance song!

A good mix of fun, serious and rest. August will have to be full of laser focus and planned days, but I would not have it any other way. As always, feel free to comment your goals below so we can support each other and cheer each other on! Let’s make August absolutely amazing, Loves!!

xoxo, Jenn

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