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We hear about batch tasks a lot in the creative business space. I personally LOVE batching my work. It helps me be more productive and focus my attention on one area for a bit. In addition to time blocking, batching tasks is how I get things done efficiently! Today, I’m sharing the process I use […]

Extended Leave Prep: Batch Producing Content

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I’m always so interested to see how other people prepare for various things in business. Maternity leave is no exception. I’ve seen so many people preparing for sabbaticals the past few years and my circle has had a lot of babes, so I thought it may be helpful to share how I’m preparing for a […]

How I’m preparing for a 4 month Maternity Leave

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As a business owner, how does one take a vacation, much less an extended leave of absence? I have been pondering that very question for years while we’ve waited for our turn at parenthood. Now, as we are on the doorstep of that becoming our reality, I thought I would share with you how I […]

Coffee Dates | 5 Tips to Plan for Maternity Leave

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