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Date Night


Is it Monday again, already?! Then let’s talk about something exciting, shall we?

I firmly and whole-heartedly believe that you should never stop dating your spouse. It keeps things fun and ensures that you always carve out time to focus on the two of you. I believe this so strongly, that we are devoting an entire blog series to it!

I am so excited to introduce you to our Date Night series! I will be sharing ideas for things to do together in all seasons and for all budgets. Who says that dates have to cost money or that you even have to get off your couch?




Why not enjoy everything that this joyous and magical Holiday Season has to offer? We love making some cocoa, or stopping through the Starbucks drive through, and driving around to look at Christmas light displays. Of course, we turn on our favorite carols and sing, laugh and chat to our hearts’ content. Looking for something a bit more relaxing, but still casual? Why not look in the paper for local church sings and chorale concerts. They are frequent this month and always a great time.

More of a city couple? Maybe you’d like to get all dressed up to the nines and go to the theatre! This is one of my favorites. There are so many wonderful shows and ballets to view year round, but it always seems a little bit more romantic with the glistening snow on the ground. You can also find the swankiest restaurant in town with the best view and simply order a cocktail or two. This allows you the views, experience and time out on the town without the unfriendly price tag.

For the outdoorsy pair, I didn’t forget you. Sledding down the biggest hill in town, wind on your face and snow in your hair! It’ll take you back to some of the childhood magic. Sometimes, it’s just nice to let go and act like a kid every now and then. I’m also a sucker for ice skating. It was one of our first dates and it’s so fun- even if you fall, like me! Outdoor rinks are becoming more common and are definitely the way to go if you can. Ready for something more cozy? We haven’t had enough snow at the right time the past few years, but there’s a historic manor here that holds sleigh rides on their property – complete with cocoa, blankets and beautiful views. I cannot wait until we finally get to take one. I imagine that I’ll be singing “White Christmas” the whole time!



This is also a season of giving and service, right? Why not volunteer together at a local soup kitchen, help raise money for a worthy cause by wrapping gifts at the mall or ringing the bell for the Salvation Army? It might not sound romantic on the surface, but I promise you, seeing your spouse serving others will make you love them even more and you’ll feel amazing, too.

Last, but not least, the homebody romantic. Take advantage of all of those festive decorations you spent time putting up. Set up an indoor winter picnic, lit by the glow of your tree lights. Play games, gather a sampling of wines and cheeses and snuggle up by the fire. More of a pizza fan? Go for it! Pizza and a movie or a crossword are just as romantic when you’re with your love.

Now I want to go do all of these! Guess AJP and I better get started on date nights, huh? What are your favorite date ideas and go-to’s?

xoxo, Jenn

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