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This Land is Our Land


This weekend, while we all enjoy fireworks and BBQs with our loved ones, I cannot help but think about all of the men and women who allow us those beautiful freedoms. The freedom to gather together, to celebrate our beloved country, to have backyard fireworks and eat popsicles. As a military child, I have lived many places and been afforded the opportunities to see different lands. We have something truly special here in the United States and it is not something I take for granted. This land is our land, because of the brave.

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This country was founded on great ideals of building our own lives and working hard to provide for our families and their futures. I am forever grateful and eternally indebted to every, single soul who helped forge the way for all of us; who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we do not have to. There is not a day that goes by that I do not whisper a ‘thank you’ and express the gratitude I have in my heart for this beautiful land.

Happy Independence Day weekend, lovelies. I hope it is filled with laughter, yard games and everything you hold dear.

xoxo, Jenn

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