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Weekend Recap: Pocho Adventures


What a weekend full of adventures we had. Marking things off the bucket list, being unplugged (for the most part), dreaming up big things for the future, delicious ice cream from an 1800’s shoppe and so much more!!

With the busyness of summer weddings upon us, we decided to take a short weekend getaway to focus on each other and just relax. Friends, let me tell you, it was just what we needed. We reconnected, had wonderful conversations, experienced new things together and just enjoyed each other’s company with no distractions. I am so grateful that we were able to take this time and highly recommend it if you are able, as well!

So what did we do? We went to Galena for an overnight, followed by a stop at the Field of Dreams on our way home. Oh yeah, and we spent a few hours at Barnes & Noble dreaming up amazing things, followed by a Mexican feast! Here are a few highlights from our trip (forgive me, they are all iPhone photos).


Always making goofy faces…IMG_7449

These soaps smelled heavenly and it took everything I had to leave it at the store. Let’s be honest, though. That packaging is so pretty, it likely would never get used!
Ice Cream Shoppe

This ice cream shoppe was not only delicious, but like stepping back in time. We asked one of the gentlemen working how old the woodwork was. He said it is all original to the shoppe and this was the original location. That is beautifully maintained wood from the 1800’s!! We even saw the old handwritten labels on the candy drawers while we ate. IMG_7468

This was on our way to dinner at my favorite place, Fried Green Tomatoes. I will give you one guess what we definitely devoured! Such a beautiful day and fantastic company, if I do say so myself.

On Saturday we woke up to rainy weather, so we headed home and decided to make a bucket list stop along the way. If you have ever seen “Field of Dreams”, you must stop by the site in Dyersville. If you are a baseball fan, to boot, then it is a definite to-do list item. It is so surreal to think of all of the people that have stood on that farm, the actors, fans from overseas and the joy that it brings people. Truly spectacular in its simple beauty.

Field of DreamsIMG_7476IMG_7489IMG_7475

What are some of your favorite weekend vacation spots? What are things you and your love enjoy doing on a stay-cation?

Cheers to a new week, full of beautiful possibilities and endless opportunities to love!

xoxo, Jenn

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