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July Goals: Focus the Message


How in the world is it already a week into July?! This year is flying by and sometimes, I cannot help but feel like things are slipping away. Time to do all of the things I dreamed up in January. Sweet time with my couples, family, friends. But hey, there are still six months left to make amazing things happen!

As I read a friend’s blog the other day, the words she wrote were so honest that the message has stuck in my mind. That the best and most true love is quiet, shows itself in the small moments and is so honest, it doesn’t need flashy gestures or recognition. That is how I want to live, lovelies. Quiet, honest, deep, true love. To share that with all of  you and the world.


In order to do that, I need to focus my message, to myself and others. Before we get to my ‘how’ to accomplish that this month, let me update you on June.

June was busy! I kicked it off with a beautiful wedding (post to come soon), then was in the throes of a fantastic editorial (seriously GORG!) and have been working on a lot of steady changes and client work. The month ended, as always, with my birthday. So much love was poured into making it amazing. Thank you to everyone who called, texted, emailed and sent messages. You mean the world to me!

As for goals, it was a good month! I surpassed my Bible goal, spent dedicated time on behind the scenes HHE projects, improved on blogging (though it wasn’t perfect), and definitely maximized duty days. I’m testing a few other efficiencies and tools, then I will be sharing how I do that soon. Overall, June was productive and I met almost all of my goals. What?!

If you saw my post on Monday, you know that July is off to a fantastic start. As I dug deep into my Power sheets this past weekend, I felt a change and tug in my heart. Things are shifting in the best of ways around here and I cannot wait to share what that means, but patience, loves. In order to listen to that and really intentionally focus my energies, this month’s goals are uber- simplified. I didn’t even fill the full page out!

Lots of prayer– We have a lot of dreams we are diving into and big changes coming over the next few months. So, in addition to my daily prayers, I will be spending a lot more time in the Word and being still. On top of that, I will finish reading Job (patience– message received!) and starting Psalms. I am so excited to dig into Psalms, y’all! It will probably take me a few months to get through them all, but I cannot wait to soak them all in.

Big list, baby steps- I have spent so many months putting BIG goals in my monthly section and being so scared to not finish that I just avoid them. Last month I broke a few things down and made progress, even though they aren’t done. So, in order to continue on that path and get things out of my head, I will be making a master list. Just list them and brainstorm tiny action steps. This way, I can take small action and build over time. Then, after busy season part 2 calms down, i.e. summer, I can dive into some in more depth and knock them out. Progress over perfection- there it is again.

Active Lifestyle– This week, a friend and I started a new workout series. So far I feel amazing and have so much more energy. I will continue to develop and solidify my morning routine to make this a habit. In addition, to keep things rounded, I will make meal plans for the whole month and prep healthy meals every week. Right now, it is a Sunday chore for the following week and by the time I get home from the store, prep goes out the window. My hope is that by doing this in one sitting and then having lists made up already, the prep time will become more enjoyable and actually happen!

Finalize major details for August weddings- There is no shortened way to say that. Things will be wrapped up for the most part so that our busy August will be smoother and I will be able to give my all to each of my couples with back to back weddings!! Simple as that.

Intentional me time- While brainstorming happened last month, full days did not always. This month, I am scheduling around one full weekend day off. Absolutely no HHE work, period. In a busy season, this is counter intuitive, but without rest and time away from work, I cannot be my best self for anyone. I am going to be firm on this one, friends. The day may change and circumstances will likely dictate the day from week to week, but a full day of just me time- no phone, no email, no office, no anything work related.

Simplified, intentional, laser-focused, DOABLE! That is what this month is all about. What are you striving to do this month? No matter how big or small, as always, I would love to cheer you on!

xoxo, Jenn

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