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2015 | HHE Year in Review

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Another year has come and gone. Let me tell you, loves, it was a busy and wonderful one! As this second year of this adventure comes to a close, I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for HHE, our clients and the wonderful community that I am blessed to be a part of in this industry. Every year, while I look through the past 12 months, I am in awe of the blessings in my life.

Last year was full of firsts, growing and learning what it means to own a small business. This year, I am so grateful to have continued having new experiences, making even more new friends and gaining much more clarity for not only HHE, but our marriage and family, too. Please indulge me as I take a walk down 2015’s memory lane and celebrate all of the joy we experienced!!

January kicked off the year with a bang! Three days into the year, I ventured to Virginia to attend my first ever conference – Creative @ Heart. It was an experience unlike any other and really catapulted me into thinking and dreaming in a whole new way about being a creative business owner. I found my tribe and it was amazing.

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When I returned home, it was time to bring the inaugural Veils + Cocktails bridal event to life with Aubrey, from Bride Meets Wedding. We gathered some of the best and most unique wedding artists in the Corridor to celebrate with some amazing brides and their ladies. I had so much fun helping design and style the event, as well as my ‘booth’ with Shelly Sarver Designs, Unique Events and Borrow My Vintage. It was truly a wonderful night and I’m looking forward to seeing what Aubrey dreams up this spring!


{ Scott K Anliker Photography & Robyn Photography }

February got even cooler, but was a turning point for me creatively. I met my dear, sweet friend Alex and we collaborated to bring one of my long time ideas to life in our Ballet inspired story in Des Moines. Reaching out to Alex was one of the best things I did all year, both creatively and personally. To top it all off, the story was featured on Glamour and Grace blog in June!

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{ Everlasting Love Photography }

March greeted us with a few breaths of spring, just in time for Kristin & Jeremiah’s wedding!

SmithWeddingSm-1488K+J wedding2

{ Amanda Dee Photography }

On a personal note, I spent a lot to time cultivating my precious friendships in March. Part of that was celebrating Miss Collins with Robyn and other dear friends.


April was a month of hustle and behind the scenes work. I was so grateful to meet so many new friends and continue to connect with old ones in person far more often.

As May rolled around, things started to pick up with family graduations and many weekends on the road. One such weekend was with Katharyne to Chicago! I was so excited to be invited along to Katie and Mattt’s engagement session!! We spent the weekend eating the best pizza, donuts and Wonuts (waffle donuts- yep!), as well as laughing and enjoying each other’s company.


Toward the end of the month, I also hired our first HHE intern, Weiyi! She was a God-send as we entered the busy season and I couldn’t have done it without her!


Phew, we aren’t even halfway through the year and I’m tired. Are you still with me? June began with the joyous and fantastic wedding of Stephanie and Gabriel! Their bohemian inspired fete was featured on Rock N Roll Bride in November!!

martinhlt093Martin_unity ceremony_rings

{ Turner Creative }

One of my favorite things this year has been the connection and community that I’ve been honored to be part of. Finding friends in the same circles and industry that you are so passionate about is a blessing. Macy, Madison and I started Tuesdays Together CR/IC over the summer and it has been such a wonderful group. Hopefully in the new year I will be able to attend some of the Dallas meetings, but every month I miss my darlings in Iowa and our sweet conversations.


{ Macy Marie Photography }

June was also the month that Alex and I collaborated with some absolutely spectacular artists and friends to bring our European Romance story to life at the Reiman Gardens in Ames. This was a vision that has been on both of our hearts for quite some time and it turned out perfect. Just last month, we were honored to have it featured on Smitten Blog!

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{ Everlasting Love Photography }

Just as summer weather set in this past July, my busiest months for HHE began as well. AJP and I decided to take a very intentional long weekend trip to Galena before the full hustle set in. When we got home, it was full speed ahead for the next 8 weeks. I was honored to assist my dear friend Aubrey at the most amazing wedding for Andy & Gabrielle in Dubuque. This family was just the absolute sweetest and their stunning affair on the family property was one for the books!

G+A+Wedding-37 (1)G+A+Wedding-72G+A+Wedding-114

{ Logan Clement }

Amidst all of the wonderful wedding prep, my family also visited for a beautiful wedding that we were blessed to attend as guests at the end of the month.

August was our biggest month with three spectacular weddings to bring to life! Let’s just say that amongst all of the love and joy I found in celebrating with these three families, I didn’t get much sleep. I’ll let you in on a secret, though — It is all 10,000% worth it!! We started the month with Jenna & Ben’s wonderful and incredibly personal wedding at the IMU (more to come soon!)


{ Katharyne Dunn Photography }

Then, we headed to Illinois to celebrate Jessica & David at Lavender Crest Winery on their 5 year dating anniversary! One of my favorite moments was when, as part of his vows, David so excitedly announced that they were starting over at 1, since it was now their wedding anniversary!


{ Sean Flynn }

To round out the month, the Middles got “Super Married” in Iowa City at the Celebration Farm! These two sweet friends were such a wonderful way to round out our wedding season. We all had so much fun and to see them so happy was the icing on the cupcake!

21_Mineck-Biddle_loves10_Mineck-Biddle_bridal party details

{ Katharyne Dunn Photography }

September was such a bittersweet month as we jumped into some big changes. For many reasons, AJP and I decided to embark on our greatest adventure yet and move to Dallas. Between spending as much time as possible with friends and loved ones, wrapping up at our jobs, packing everything up and figuring out what was next, we somehow made it in one piece. Less than a week after we arrived down South, we celebrated 3 years of marriage with Baskin Robbins and Greek food!!

October was the perfect time to slow down and dig in with Creme Brands coaching sessions. Kathryn is such a sweetheart and it was such a joy to get to know her and now call her friend. I am honestly indebted to her for reigniting a little spark within my heart. With the go-go-go we’d been living, I was tired and getting worn, but then she helped me dig deep. In working through all of her thought provoking questions, limiting my media intake and talking things through, this awesome machine that HHE is got some new life! Some of that life was in our mission statement, Hadley, Harper, Ellie and my heart. I have only begun to share the wonderful fruit of those 7 weeks and can’t wait to show you more this coming year!

These last couple of months we have been settling into our new apartment and neighborhood, spending copious amounts of time with family, celebrating new beginnings with many of our dearest and looking forward to the blessings in 2016.


We have a lot of things coming up this year between our sweet 2016 HHE couples, gaining a brother-in-law in October (!!!!), continuing to meet new vendors and artists here in Dallas and whatever else the Lord has planned for us. I am still working through Powersheets and goals, but I have a feeling 2016 will bring its fair share of fantastic adventures!

Happy New Year, Lovelies!!

xoxo, Jenn


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