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May Goals: Whispers and Focus


I was watching a movie on Netflix the other night and the final line said something to the effect of the following. We sometimes need to listen for God’s whispers, instead of looking for big gestures and shouting. That resonated with me in this season so deeply. There are so many times that we are asking for things to be presented in a way we cannot miss them. In a fashion that allows us to go on with our lives and not force ourselves to stop, listen and be still. This month, I am taking that to heart and approaching my days with patience, focus and a heart for hearing the whispers.


I would be lying if I told you that I considered April successful. Things got absolutely crazy at work, then coming home late and finding that my energy was zapped for anything I had hopes of accomplishing. It left me feeling broken and discouraged. I allowed myself to plant seeds of self-doubt and lies of inadequateness. I did the worst thing I could do – I felt sorry for myself. Ugh! What a horrible feeling. So today, as I sat down to work through goals for May, I took stock of what happened last month. Guess what, it was a LOT more than I thought.

Isn’t it amazing what gratitude and a ‘to-done’ list can do for your perspective!? April was fruitful after all! We purged and donated so many things from the apartment – it was spring cleaning at it’s best! I got to meet a lot of new creatives and collaborate with them to bring an amazing vision to life. I spent time with my family, made strides in some sweet friendships and was even able to read a book!! One of the highs that we left the month on was the arrival of our new furniture, that makes our little apartment feel so much more like home. I might  not have a ton of check marks on my PowerSheets, but life happened and that is what matters!

This month, I’m zeroing in on building my client experience, taking time for myself and taking advantage of the precious fringe time I do have to make the biggest impact in my relationships and HHE.

What are you focusing on this month? How will you slow down and listen for whispers, instead of looking for grand displays?

xoxo, Jenn

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