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Coffee Dates | Creating a Magic Client Experience


It’s the little things in life that we remember. The emotions, the smells, the thoughtful gifts and unexpected phone calls. Those intentional details and moments are what your clients will remember, too.

One of my favorite things in life is surprising people with thoughtful gifts. Whether it is a physical gift, my time, a note or phone call, or a myriad of other things, it sets my heart on fire. So, you can imagine that as a business owner, I take my client experience very seriously. From the moment someone comes to the website, I want them to feel welcome and loved. Every single touch point along the way should be gracious, genuine and joyful.


As entrepreneurs, we envision and speak to our ideal client. In doing so, we are setting expectations; laying the foundation for how we will work together. We are telling them what they can expect us to provide. When we market to our dream clients, we should be creating an experience from the beginning. One that tells them how much we love them, how we can help them and make their lives better for being part of our families.

There are many ways to do that. Whether you have a welcome packet, gifts along the way or connect with your couples in other ways, we are all building our tribe. Each piece of the experience creates a tapestry that will become the magic thing that keeps them coming back for more. I’m not saying that you need to invest a ton of money into gifts and spend away your income. However, get creative and show your clients how much you appreciate them. When you love them and show gratitude, they will be much more inclined to tell their friends about you. To recommend you to their siblings. To be your advocate.

HarperHadleyEvents_Client Experience_2016__0034

Above and beyond what it does for your business, to have a smooth and intentional client experience, it is even more important how you are SERVING THEM through it. So often, myself included, we get so wrapped up in the industry bubble and forget to remove ourselves from it. Take an outside look at what your couples see. To be successful and truly be your best self for your clients, you need to put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself:

  1. What do they need?
  2. What would make them feel special?
  3. How can I anticipate their questions? Make the process easier?
  4. What true value am I offering?


HarperHadleyEvents_Client Experience_2016__0035

Consider referring to your core mission for those answers. Everything you do should point back to your mission statement. For HHE, that means building relationships based on trust, taking stress away from our couples and allowing them to focus on their marriage and families. Over the years, the pieces of our experience have evolved and will continue to. My sincerest hope is that each time anyone, client or otherwise, receives something from me, that they feel valued, spoiled and loved. Most importantly, loved.

What do you consider the most meaningful part of your client experience? Why does it matter so much to you? Those answers can be so telling to how you can best serve your clients and honor their story.

xoxo, Jenn


2016 HHE Client Gift Sources — Box | Candles | Cottage Hill | Favorite Candies | Ribbon | Stationery | Bath Salts

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