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Sweet Beginnings | Round Up | Marriage Planning

For Brides, Sweet Beginnings

Hi sweet lovelies! There are so many aspects that go into wedding planning, which we have covered in our last three round ups (links at the bottom of this post). However, one of the most important, if not THE most important parts, is planning for your MARRIAGE, not your wedding. I have written about marriage planning, and will continue to, because I so deeply believe in it. I hope you do, too.

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When all of the cake has been eaten, dances danced and sparkler exits performed, you will be alone with your new spouse. Yay!! Once the celebration has passed and you begin building your life together, settling into your home and getting into a daily routine, will you be prepared? Have the two of you talked about who takes out the trash, if you like to make the bed everyday and about your hopes and dreams? These might sound like silly questions, but you would be surprised how many couples get so wrapped up in the celebration planning and details that they do not address those kinds of topics. While doing so will not mean that you never have disagreements – marriage is work, but the best work- you will be better prepared to have those conversations with love and respect.

Again, I am not a relationship expert, but I do believe in having a strong foundation of love, understanding, respect and communication in marriage. Dream big, darlings. Dream about the life you both want for yourselves and your future family. Talk about it, sketch it, research it, LIVE IT!!

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I’ve gathered a few resources and points for how to focus on your relationship as you enter into this new covenant, here. As well as a few thoughts about building a legacy and finding love in the everyday moments. If you are ever looking for date night ideas, check out these fun posts:

I will be posting a few of my thoughts on engagement and marriage soon. In the meantime, I hope these couple will help you think of ways to take a break from the planning, hustle and bustle and enjoy each other. This is such a joyous and unique time in your lives where you get to decide how you want to build your life. Do not waste it on trivial, petty things. The sky is the limit, so fly lovely!!

How are/did you and your spouse prepare for your marriage during  your engagement?

xoxo, Jenn


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