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September Goals: Always Dream BIG & DO!


Every year, as the weather cools, each day greets me with crisp air and a golden sunrise. I am somehow rejuvenated. A lot of people love summer and live for fresh starts of a new year. I do enjoy those things, but Fall and September, specifically, are my jam! There is something so perfect about cozy, brisk days and the smells of this season.

September has always been my favorite for that reason and even more so the past 4 years. Y’all, we are celebrating FOUR years of marriage this month. What?!? How is that even a thing? It is only fitting that I welcome my favorite month and season with returning to goal setting and ramping things up in the HHE world!


The past few months, I don’t know if it was the summer heat or my own burnout, but I was feeling less than inspired. That is the honest truth, loves. So, I took time to unplug, step away and dream a bit. That time away has resulted in a new-found energy and notebook chock full of dreams. I am so excited to share some of them with you so soon and to dive into taking ACTION on others in the coming months and beyond. This entrepreneurship journey is a growing experience and challenging in such wonderful ways. I am learning so much about myself and others along the way. Every day is a new learning opportunity and that is SO INVIGORATING!!

This month is all about dreaming and realizing those dreams by taking ACTION. So much has been sitting on my heart, floating around in my head and whispering in the echoes of life that I just have to get it out into the world and share it with y’all! How will I get there? I am so glad you asked.

Complete my Simple Plan follow up РWhen I attended The Simple Plan in July, it made me reevaluate a lot about this business of mine. How am I best serving my couples and other creatives? What does that look like for me long term? How am I best serving my family? Lovelies, these answers are game changers and I AM going to put it all on paper and attach numbers to it (EEEK!). I am NOT a numbers person, they terrify me, but it is happening.

Draft Ideas – I can’t share details yet, but there will be a lot of drafting going on in these parts. Free writing, sketching, poster filling and voice notes galore! It all needs a home to get organized and on paper. To help with this, I am also committing to weekly brainstorm days with no to-do’s allowed. Yay!

Journalling & Bible Time – This is devoted me time. No business agenda, no expectations, no rules at all. Just me, a pen, journal and God. I fell off the rails with my reading plan, so this month I will finish Proverbs and read Ecclesiastes, in addition to my Write the Word journal. Quiet reflection time has been proving invaluable to my creativity (no coincidence!). I crave it and am so energized by that thirty minutes to an hour everyday.

Oh yea, and LOTS of dance parties! Finding the joy in everyday can sometimes be challenging, but a dance party? It’s instant joy!! How are you going to dream big, get excited and make things happen this month?

xoxo, Jenn

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