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Meet an HHE Couple | Allana & Niraj


These are some of my favorite posts, when I have the honor of introducing you to our amazing and wonderful couples. Allan and Niraj are such an inspirational couple and have the kindest hearts. I am so excited to bring their vision to life next month at Best Day Ever Ranch in Whitewright, Texas!

A & N love the outdoors, hiking and fitness, reading and spending time home with family. They also enjoy a good french pressed coffee – couple after my own heart! These two are such a beautiful testament to a faith centered relationship and I cannot wait for you to get to know them. Without further ado…


How did you meet?

We met at Chiropractic school 3 years ago.

When did you know that he was going to be your husband?

I knew that he was going to be my husband before we even started dating. I don’t believe in “the one” I believe that there are many people out there you can fall in love with. Falling in love is the easy part, it is the commitment following the “in love” feeling that is important to me. The men left in this world that seek after God with their whole heart are far and few between. I have seen him walk through tremendous hardship and he has not once taken his eyes off of Jesus. That is a man I know I can trust and marry.

When did  you know that she was going to be your wife?

The first time all of my family stuff went bad. It was right after our first date, and my family did not approve of a picture on Facebook. Allana told me that regardless, she was in this and unless I wanted out she didn’t want to end this. It was only a week after we started dating. This was someone I knew I could marry.


What excites you about marriage?

Marriage is important to us because we hold in high regards what we will represent to the world around us after saying “I do” we are a representation of how Jesus loves His church, that in itself is something to be excited about. We are excited about raising kids for the kingdom together!

Describe your wedding in three words. 

By His Grace

What is your favorite source of wedding inspiration?

I don’t really have a specific source of wedding inspiration. I would say my favorite thing has been talking to family and friends about their ideas to help me create me vision.

What is your favorite part about wedding planning? The least?

Favorite: Picking out the music for the day. Least: The small details.


What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

Allana: walking down the aisle into his arms. Niraj: Seeing her walk down the aisle in her white dress.

Are you taking a honeymoon? If so, where and what made you choose that destination?

Yes, but it won’t be until December. Our plan is to stay in a cozy cabin in the mountains of Idaho or Wyoming!

Do you have any advice for engaged couples?

Cherish it and let it be a reminder of our final wedding day with Jesus. Don’t get lost in the small details, things will go wrong so be ready to roll with the punches and laugh at the mishaps. Brides, I would encourage you to not make every conversation about wedding stuff because your Groom doesn’t care about anything except marrying you. Grooms, my soon to be husband would encourage you to ask your bride what you can help with, and when the bumps in the road come, be willing to step into the fight with her and work out the kinks in the planning process.


What’s next for the two of you after “I Do”?

We will both start working at a chiropractic office in Canton in December. We will be living in Addison, TX. Our long term vision is to have two kids of our own and adopt three. We hope to have a chiropractic office in India where we do Chiropractic mission trips there for students and to serve the Indian population. But we lay those at the feet of Jesus with open hands and will do whatever He has in mind to further His kingdom.


Thank you for sharing your hearts with us Allana & Niraj! November 5th is going to be such an amazing day and I’m so grateful to be part of it!

xoxo, Jenn

Photo Credit| Angie L Photography

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