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October Goals | Freedom


In my quarterly reset, I updated my word for the rest of the year. I still am clinging to ‘surrender’, but I have decided to focus on the FREEDOM in surrender. Freedom from expectation, perfection, comparison and anything less than grace.

I was thinking about that a lot on our trip. As creatives and humans, we spend so much time thinking about what other think, if we are enough and what we should be doing. The rest of this year, I am choosing to ignore all of those voices and insecurities to fully surrender and know that I am, YOU ARE, perfect in our Father’s eyes and that His grace is MORE than enough. Claiming that and internalizing that is full of glorious freedom. Are you going to join me?!


In doing all of this I am committing to extremely limited social media this month. I enjoyed it so much this summer, that I will only be doing scheduled posts and one weekly scroll(10 minutes max). Why bother with the weekly scroll? I still want to encourage all of my wonderful friends! My intent is that by limiting my time doing so, I will encourage others and have a mission while using any platforms.

From a personal perspective, freedom will mean that I have more time dedicated to me, to being quiet and focusing on recharging. No cell phones after 8:30 pm and allowing margin in my daily life instead of getting swept up in it. Also, we are coming up on holiday season and I want to plan ahead to have a less stressful and more intentional, relationship focused season. If you receive an address update request, please help a girl out and update it when you get a chance!

Something fun I have been working on is a Fall bucket list. So far, I haven’t made any progress, but I would love to hear if you have any ideas or items to add. Fall in Texas is a bit different than I am used to in the Midwest. All suggestions are welcome!

On the HHE front, oh man! Remember those dreams I mentioned last month? They are comin’ round the mountain friends and I am full steam ahead on bringing them to life for 2017!! I also have a beautiful wedding next month and a few other clients for next year to focus on. We are still a small, but mighty group here at HHE, but we dream BIG and I absolutely cannot wait to start sharing snippets of the sweet changes around here.

What ways are you going to savor and find freedom this month? Do you have any Fall bucket list items to share?

xoxo, Jenn

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