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1,825 Days | Our Anniversary


Five years married, almost 9 years together. I struggle to remember a time in my life without you in it, my love. We both lived 21 years without each other, yet I have known you a lifetime. I am so honored, more so each day, that God chose you for me and that you chose to listen and be mine. In the past five years, we have loved, grown, adventured, endured and become stronger than I ever dreamed possible. And, God willing, we still have many, many, many years to come!

Each year that passes, it is surpassingly difficult to imagine that we have so much ahead and more joy to come. As we weathered some of our toughest days the past year, you never faltered as my support, cheerleader and shoulder to lean on. Every, single day when I see your smiling face, I pinch myself. Without your spirit and laid back attitude, I fear I would spin out of control. You keep me grounded and remind me what is important. You slow me down, challenge me and make me laugh on a regular basis. Your hugs have healing powers and you love so fiercely, it amazes me. I pray, everyday, that I love you half as well as you love me!

This year was a bit break-neck speed! We started year 4 off with your sister’s wedding, followed by miscarriage #2. Then, in the winter, surprised you for New Year’s by getting 99% of your family to Dallas and you had no idea! I was so proud of myself for not spilling the beans and that we pulled it off! In February, we found out we are expecting and have had the joy of preparing for this sweet baby together. We moved into our house and have made it our home, ready to grow into and share memories in. We hosted family and friends and will be embarking on our biggest adventure yet, so soon!

As I write this, we are awaiting the arrival of our precious little one in just a couple of weeks. How did it get here so fast? Over this last year, as we’ve prepared to be parents, my love for you has deepened and grown so much to see you leap into action to prepare and plan for how our family is growing. What our future may hold and talking through all of the dreams we have, my heart has grown. I know that when we finally see this darling’s face, my heart will nearly explode to meet them and see you in a whole new light. I just know that fatherhood will become you so. We are so blessed to have you as our rock!

I am beyond excited to enter into this new season together. No doubt, we will have sleepless nights, challenges and more laughs than we can imagine and through it all, I am so grateful that it is you I have the honor of experiencing it with. You are my greatest gift and I treasure everything about our silly, romantic, off-kilter, amazing love story!

Happy anniversary, my love heart!

xoxo, BG


photo credit | Liz Novi Photography

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