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4 Benefits of Rhythms & Habits in Business


We all get bogged down in daily life and biz tasks. Over the last decade plus of owning my own businesses, I’ve found 4 benefits of rhythms and habits in business. These four benefits make the challenge to get disciplined each week and month worth it!

Do you ever feel like you can’t stop to work IN your business because you are so focused on client work? I’ve been there and after a lot of little by little progress, I’m on the other side (most days). I’m excited to share the benefits side with you because I know we hear a lot of the organization tips (see other resources below), but it’s so hard to convince ourselves that it’s worth the time put in up front. I have unfortunately learned my lesson early in biz with having to rebuild finances for a full year from receipts (don’t do it!). Don’t procrastinate, make things easier on yourself. 

Work smarter not harder is always my motto. Finding efficiency doesn’t always mean doing it in big blocks to “knock it out”. That mentality works for some things, but when it comes to the repetitive things that have to be done often, doing a little bit at a time is a much better approach. I schedule “duty days” and “duty tasks” monthly and weekly respectively. This helps me stay on top of things and reap the rewards of these 4 benefits of rhythms and habits.

  • Less time to accomplish things throughout the month
  • Peace of mind knowing your numbers anytime you need to
  • Quick access to data you need to help in decision making
  • Staying on top of things, which means less stress at the end of the day and more time to focus on other things

Now that you know those benefits, how can you get there? If you don’t already have solid business practices and workflows, I’d recommend starting there. Once you have those in place, you can easily maintain instead of reinvent each time. If you’re looking for resources to create or improve your workflows, pop over to the shop and check out our  Creating Workflows Workbook!


If you’re looking for more reference, specifically about how to use Duty Days to help create rhythms and habits in your business, check these out: 

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