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Marketing workflows every creative should have

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The marketing we do in our businesses is so important, but do we have a consistent strategy and execution support? We always talk about client facing workflows, but what workflows will help you grow your business? There are 4 marketing workflows every creative should have, in my opinion. 

I’ve seen the fruit all of these bear with consistency and sincerity. Many of them you may already be doing, but I’d be willing to bet that there’s at least one that you aren’t actively thinking about. 

The key thing with any workflow is that it helps you get in a consistent rhythm. With marketing being such an important part of our businesses, having these in place is a game changer. I don’t know about you, but I don’t love the nitty gritty of marketing as much as it seems others do. So if I can automate or streamline those processes into an easy to execute workflow, I will! Take the guesswork out of it and make the rhythms work for you.

Pro Tip: Another tool that I use for marketing to be centralized is CoSchedule. I’ve used it for years and it is so helpful to see everything and connect all of my platforms with an overview and schedule. You can integrate all of your social media and email accounts to schedule and automate everything from one place! 

So what are these 4 marketing workflows every creative should have?

Social Media:

Of course, the various platforms you choose to show up on will be included here. Below is a list, though not exhaustive, of the most common. These are platforms that your potential clients are likely to find you on and get to know through. 

    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn


Blogging is not dead despite what you may think. It is so helpful for SEO and keeping your website current. Keep in mind that this also includes anything you may do differently for guest blogs (hosting on your blog or sending to someone else’s).

Email Marketing

Our email lists are an essential part of our marketing strategy and the only place we can have ownership of our list and content. We also are speaking to an audience and community via our lists that chose to hear from us. That’s powerful. So let’s make sure that we have structure in place to make that work for us and our audience. Below are just some of the key emails and workflows I recommend you have in place ASAP.

    • Welcome Sequence
    • Nurture Sequence
    • Newsletter/Consistent regular content
    • Sales/Promos/Launches


This can be part of duty day but I highly recommend that you build in some kind of industry networking workflow. This allows you to regularly connect with colleagues, share what you’re doing and build meaningful relationships. This should not be something you do simply to market your current launch or services (that’s why you have an email list), rather to build those relationships and nurture connections. If you’re focused on doing that, the rest will fall into place as byproducts. It’s a tale as old as time – word of mouth marketing is a beautiful byproduct of person to person marketing. It’s organic and meaningful – it builds “like, know trust”.

As with any workflow you create for your business, don’t overcomplicate it. These can be as simple as a single task on your duty day workflow or a separate mini-workflow of it’s own. Do what makes sense for your unique business.

If you’re looking for guidance on what to include in workflows or how detailed to get, check out this blog post and/or our resources in the shop!



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