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Ever feel like you have too much on your plate? Feeling like there’s way to much to get it all done? You’re probably right. But guess what? It likely doesn’t all actually need to get done. There are focused and intentional ways to get done what truly needs to be accomplished with boundaries and a […]


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As entrepreneurs, we wear all the hats, right? So why on earth would you want to add another to-do to the list?! When it comes to workflow and systems audits, these are IMPORTANT y’all! Think of them as working out, but for your business.  I know it can seem like just another thing to add […]

Is it Time? How to know when to do a Workflow & Systems Audit

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Are you running around in circles, sitting at a desk covered in post it notes, waking up worried you forgot something? Maybe you are so busy getting through the day that you might finish that one reheated cup of coffee by 4pm? Are you ready to find more time in your days and reduce decision […]

5 Ways Systems Help Productivity

Systems & Workflows

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Y’all know that I swear by systems, workflows and checklists. I’m an Enneagram Type 1 to a tee and hello – I built my business around these things! That’s why I was so honored and excited to contribute to this month’s Systems & Workflows conversation with the Rising Tide Society. If you’re not already aware, […]

How Workflows Save You Time & Prepare Your Business For Growth: Rising Tide Society

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We talk a lot about automating tasks. You know, those items that don’t require active brain power or a line on your personal to-do list everyday! Identifying the tasks that a tool can do for you instead of the high touch tasks that only you can do is the name of the efficiency game. So […]

How to Identify Your High Touch Tasks & What You Can Automate


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