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Fuel to the Fire


After all of the fabulous pretty we were amidst yesterday (check it out on Insta) and the busy week that I’ve had, this weekend is more than welcome to stay a while!


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I typically use the weekends as catch up days to power through HHE goodies. However, I am slowly realizing that I am not Super Woman (I know!), so I am going to slow down a bit and take some time to enjoy life. That cultivate thing, ya, need to make it happen!

We (AJP and I) are going to spend some serious quality time with people, no screens, no social media. That is well over due. We have lunch date plans with friends, followed by celebrating my Father in law’s birthday with sisters and Kyle in tow on Saturday. Then, Sunday will be filled with quiet time, Skype lunch with a sweet friend and all kinds of dreaming and scheming!

Who is with me? Fellow boss ladies, take a day or two to focus on what fires you up and makes you love what you do. How to you refill your tank and get ready to tackle the next week?

xoxo, Jenn

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