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How to use your systems to plan for your week efficiently!

We’ve been talking a lot about routine and rhythms in biz lately. It’s not a coincidence. This might sound cliche coming from me – type A systems gal – but it’s so important. To use your time wisely and feel accomplished at the end of the day, we need to know how to use workflows […]

How to feel accomplished in your daily routine with workflows & systems

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We all get bogged down in daily life and biz tasks. Over the last decade plus of owning my own businesses, I’ve found 4 benefits of rhythms and habits in business. These four benefits make the challenge to get disciplined each week and month worth it! Do you ever feel like you can’t stop to […]

4 Benefits of Rhythms & Habits in Business


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Levi Michael was born on June 6th at 9:28 am. Again, his birth was covered in answered prayers. Each time we are blessed to welcome a baby into our family, I look forward to adding photos to our family albums to document the legacy of it. It’s one of those things that I look forward […]

Baby Pocho | Levi’s Newborn Session


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Every time we get family photos taken, I am so grateful that we prioritized it, despite any stress that came with it. Capturing our family in various seasons and having that legacy to leave for future generations is something I’m so passionate about. I’m so excited to share these photos that Jen took for us […]

Baby Pocho 3 | Family/Maternity Photos at Jester Park


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As our businesses grow, they require different things. Sometimes, that may mean bringing on one or more team members. One of the questions I get asked often is how to optimize and prepare your systems to be ready for that growth.  So many times, we don’t think about that until we are in the thick […]

3 Key Elements to have your Systems ready to Grow your Team

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