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Do you ever think of audit as a scary word? Does it make you feel overwhelmed? Do you know what a workflow and systems audit is? I’m here to answer those questions and share some actionable steps for you to evaluate your business system, friend. Let’s take it one step at a time. What is […]

How To Do A Systems Audit

Business, Systems & Workflows

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Have you ever found yourself in an unexpected season? A season of uncertainty? A season of slow that you weren’t planning for at all? I’m pretty sure we can all answer ‘yes’. Who am I kidding, 2020 has been a forced season of slow for most of us. Though challenging at times, I’ve been determined […]

Business During Seasons of Uncertainty: Lessons from a Forced Season of Slow

For Creatives

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Y’all know that I swear by systems, workflows and checklists. I’m an Enneagram Type 1 to a tee and hello – I built my business around these things! That’s why I was so honored and excited to contribute to this month’s Systems & Workflows conversation with the Rising Tide Society. If you’re not already aware, […]

How Workflows Save You Time & Prepare Your Business For Growth: Rising Tide Society

Business, Systems & Workflows

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It was the first crisp fall day of the season, much like today. The joy and anticipation at the house were palpable as we prepared for Diana and Lee’s intimate autumn wedding celebration at Terry Trueblood Recreation in Iowa City, Iowa! Diana had a clear vision that was elegant and had a few unexpected details, […]

Diana & Lee’s Intimate Autumn Wedding


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We talk a lot about automating tasks. You know, those items that don’t require active brain power or a line on your personal to-do list everyday! Identifying the tasks that a tool can do for you instead of the high touch tasks that only you can do is the name of the efficiency game. So […]

How to Identify Your High Touch Tasks & What You Can Automate


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