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The marketing we do in our businesses is so important, but do we have a consistent strategy and execution support? We always talk about client facing workflows, but what workflows will help you grow your business? There are 4 marketing workflows every creative should have, in my opinion.  I’ve seen the fruit all of these […]

Marketing workflows every creative should have

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When we are on our way out the door for planned leave, vacation or to pick up a sick kiddo, we have so many loose ends to tie up and don’t want to forget anything. One of the key things being setting automated communications. Here are my tips for how to make quick system updates […]

How to Make Quick System Updates for Setting your Out of Office

Systems & Workflows

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We creatives dream BIG. That means, with each new idea is a project. Every single time I map out one of these projects – whether it’s for me or a client – I always use these 4 simple steps for starting big projects in business. When we creatives get our next big idea, I find […]

4 Simple Steps for Starting Big Projects in Business

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It’s been too long since I’ve done a proper survey, so here is one for 2024!! I love hearing from readers, clients, followers – YOU!! Our conversations are always so life giving and allow me to serve this community best. Over the years, I’ve shared lots of content in various formats, created new offerings, products […]

2024 HHC Survey & a GIVEAWAY!!


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How to use your systems to plan for your week efficiently!

We’ve been talking a lot about routine and rhythms in biz lately. It’s not a coincidence. This might sound cliche coming from me – type A systems gal – but it’s so important. To use your time wisely and feel accomplished at the end of the day, we need to know how to use workflows […]

How to feel accomplished in your daily routine with workflows & systems

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